Q. How do I know if the long or the short session is right for me?

A. Great question. Try to think beyond the price tag, because these sessions were designed with different needs in mind. Here are a few considerations.

LONG (up to two hours)

More time = change of clothes + change of setting (if desired!)
More time = less stress + more fun!
More time = more images

This session was designed for families, newborns, and maternity sessions. It has also been a popular choice for engagement sessions and senior pictures. The goal is to have fun and see that reflected in your images! If we rush (especially with children involved), the fun can get lost. I don't want this to be what you remember, and I'm sure you don't either. I know that if you give kids some time, they warm up, have fun, and do things that you don't plan for! There is where the magic happens. There is where you see your candid family being captured in an authentic way.  If you are considering making this investment, you are investing not only your money but your time, too. Choose what is right for your family, but please do not choose to rush.

SHORT (30 minutes)

One setting
One outfit
15-20 final images

This session was designed as a mini-session for holiday cards and professional head shots. It can also work well for seniors and engagement sessions when folks need a lower price point.  30 minutes flies by before you know it, so it needs to be an efficient 30 minutes! 

Q. What methods of payment do you accept? And when is my payment due?

A. We accept cash, check, PayPal and major credit cards via PayPal. 50% payment is due at the time of booking to reserve your session date and time. The remaining 50% is due on the day of your session. Your gallery of images will not be delivered until the session has been paid in full.

Q. Do you have a studio?

A. I am a member of a coop studio called the MPLS Photo Center. There is a wonderful range of studio space to choose from by appointment only. If a studio session is what you're interested in, please make sure to book at least 3-4 weeks ahead of time. There is an additional $25 fee for a studio session.  

Q. How do you deliver images digitally? If I request a CD of images, can I have that, too?

A. This is a great question. I deliver your gallery through an awesome interface called PASS. This software is Internet based. It is beautiful. It is elegant. It is easy. Through your PASS gallery, you can view your images on your computer, tablet, or phone. You can share images through your social networks with a click of a button! You can download high-resolution images individually or as an entire gallery. And soon, you will be able to order professional lab-quality prints directly through your gallery. It is truly awesome and I believe you will love it! No more DVD-r's. No more corrupt files or scratched discs. PASS will also archive your images for 10 years. PASS is revolutionizing the photographer's workflow, and it is allowing for clients to be served in an amazing way. After your session is complete and paid in full, you can expect to receive your PASS gallery within one week. 

IF you feel like a disc is a must for your comfort, I will not deny you! However since discs are no longer part of my workflow, there is a $100 charge to cover my time.   

Q. What should I wear for my session?

A. This is always such a personal preference! What I stick with as a rule of thumb is really to first feel comfortable, and second to feel like "you". Your photos will feel more authentic if both of these are true. That said, try to keep these things in mind when choosing your outfits: Solid colors and simple patterns photograph best. To wear something that is too busy sometimes distracts from the subject -- YOU! Don't be afraid of color. If you are doing a family session, think about what the group is wearing, just enough to feel coordinated but not matching.   

Q. How do we decide where to do our session?

A. This is such a personal decision. Many people choose to shoot at their home. This is nice when doing newborn sessions particularly because home is where you are most comfortable and home is where everything is that you need for your baby at a moment's notice. Also, when photographing in your home, it is a very personal feeling. We can play in your space and capture a time in your family's life that feels very natural. When photographing in your home, another benefit is that we can take advantage of both indoor and outdoor settings -- the front porch, the swing-set, the garden. 

Another very popular choice is to shoot at your favorite lake. We are lucky here in Minnesota to have such beautiful outdoor options in the spring, summer & fall seasons. If there is a park or lake that is particularly special to your family, that is always a fun choice!

Q. What time should we plan for our session to take place?

A. I do my best to accommodate the best time for your family. Being a mom of two little ones myself, I know the importance of timing! This can make or break a session. Remember, if the goal is to have fun, try to take into consideration nap time, snack time, natural windows of playfulness and cooperation. This being said, the best light of the day is early morning and evening time. If these times are a naturally good time for your family, consider these times first. If they are not naturally good times for your family, not a problem! You know what is best. 

I shoot on Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings, as well as on the weekends. Once your deposit has been received, your preferred date and time will be reserved.

Q. What happens in the event of rain? Or if my child is sick?

A. Things happen! The nature of location photography always has to consider a rainy day! When you book your preferred date, I always ask suggest picking a second date that will be good for your family just in the event we do have to reschedule due to unforeseen circumstances. This way, we both can have a "rain date" on our calendar if needed.